Il progetto

Spazi (in)attesi è un progetto di rigenerazione urbana che ASF-Italia ha avviato da circa un anno nei quartieri Bovisa e Dergano a Milano.

Vacant spaces

Fenced, abandoned, inaccessible urban spaces are resources to the city: they are “backyards” where it is still possible to observe a natural environment, microcosms made ​​of “leftovers”, legacies of the past, weeds. But these are not “static” places (even if temporarily in “stand-by” regarding the strategies of planning) but constantly changing (due to the action of man or nature). Important resources for the territory, because of their biological richness, but also for the symbolic value they have taken through time. By improving the knowledge and the awareness of the “real consistency” of these places, it is possible to promote their protection and conservation, as well as their valorisation in terms of use and fruition.

In the recent decades, the physical configuration of Bovisa-Dergano district has deeply changed. Industrial relocation and the subsequent closure and demolition of many factories have left large empty spaces, along with small vacant and unused plots, closed or fenced off, which spread pervasively throughout the neighbourhood. These places express a lot of potential for local inhabitants and users: places of possible meeting between the differences, spaces lying in wait.

ASF-Italia began working in Bovisa-Dergano in 2011, when the association launched a series of activities in order to identify and bring together the “resources” (in terms of social and spatial capital, historic memory and knowledge, social activism, etc…) already existing on the territory and to make the local associations work together in the neighbourhood, on the basis of common projects and objectives.

During the first year ASF has promoted a joint work, with the aim to activate and enhance the exchange of experiences / ideas / resources between throughout the district, with the associations and the inhabitants.

To this end, a map of the vacant places has been designed, after a first survey, and gradually implemented thanks to the participation of the citizens and the other associations in order to re-construct the consistency of the vacant places within the neighbourhood. Along with this mapping process, another “map” has collected the existing linkages between the associations, making evident the network of partnership and cooperation among them.

What’s next?

In the forthcoming months, ASF will activate a series of small interventions in some selected plots of the neighbourhood (identified with the help of the inhabitants) in order to promote their “re-generation” and fruition. The main objective of these interventions is to open and make “usable” these areas to citizens. Small “site-specific” projects of exploration and fruition of the places: a “decontamination” project of a polluted area through the use of phyto-remediation properties plants; site-specific artistic projects related to the role of nature within the city and the theme of memory.

Ongoing projects

P03_Backyards. Vacant spaces and emerging communities 



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